Bio - Josef Wolfgang Ziegler (1906-2000)
This widely well-known choral educator and composer-as well in Austria as abroad- was one of the pioneers rebuilding the choral scene of Lower Austria province after World War 2. He founded the basis of today's non professional choral singing in this province which got quite an international reputation.

He finished his studies of "composition, music education and organ" at the "Vienna Music Academy" in 1933. Among his teachers were well-known artists like Franz Schmidt, Josef Lechtaler, Vinzens Goller, Kamillo Horn,e.g.

His choral conducting career started back in 1932 with the "Boys Choir of the Vienna Woods". After moving to the picturesque vine village of Gumpoldskirchen (20 km south of Vienna)he was "Regens Chori" as well as conducting the local church choir.

After World War 2 he founded his own Children Singing School and the worldwide known children's choir "Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen".The foundation of "Vox HumanaChamber Chorus" followed in 1966. Both of his children, Prof. Elisabeth Ziegler and Wolfgang Ziegler accepted his musical inheritance. Elisabeth Ziegler is successfully in charge of the "Children's Singing School", "Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen" and the female ensemble "Cantilena", Wolfgang Ziegler of the "Vox Humana Chamber Chorus".

Besides his daily job as a music educator he spent most of his energy on composing music. A great number of international prizes show the extraordinary quality of his music. Most of his works are published in Austria, Germany and Japan.